The Do's and Don'ts of Digital Marketing for Businesses

The Do's and Don'ts of Digital Marketing for Businesses

Mastering Your Digital Strategy: The Absolute Musts

As large, looming buildings of concrete and steel are milestones of brick-and-mortar businesses, so is your website in the vast, unfathomable universe of the internet. You see, my dog Baxter has this habit, every time I take him out for a walk, he marks his territory; which is pretty much every bush, tree, and occasionally unfortunate post box he encounters. That's his way of saying, "Baxter was here. This is my spot.". Now, I'm not suggesting you take up Baxter's habits on the World Wide Web, but establishing your digital presence and online visibility is not too dissimilar. Your website is your digital stake in the ground, your identification marker like the whiff of Baxter's...well, you get the picture.

Don’t Be a Ghost: Establish a Strong Online Presence

Just imagine: you've built a business, you've invested your heart, soul and every dime into it. It's your dream project, your magnum opus. But then, it's like a beautiful island deserted in the middle of nowhere - stunning yet undiscovered because it's not on Google maps. People, your potential customers, sail right past it, going to competitors' islands that are clearly marked. A well-optimized website increases your brand visibility and makes sure you're noticed, helping you land right in the paths of your potential customers. Not being visible in this digital age (trust me, my friends, no one is busting out yellow pages anymore) is a cardinal sin. Pen, paper and Baxter's favourite chew toy, to remind me later, in case I forget!

The Human Touch: Engaging and Valuable Content

Now, let's all remember something about our website - it isn't for us, it's for our audience. It's a homely coffee shop, not a private club. So, order your virtual cappuccino and make that website as attractive and engaging as a playful Golden Retriever (oh Baxter, why must you always be on my mind!). Write content that is tailored for your audience, content that provides solutions, answers questions, and starts conversations. They must fall in love at first sight with your brand. Give them tidbits of knowledge, interesting facts or a funny joke. Oh! There was this time when I tried a joke on Baxter (let's pretend dogs get jokes), "Why don't some dogs make good dancers? Because they have two left feet." Baxter had a blank look, but I think there was a laugh somewhere deep inside.

Engage, Don't Intrude: Social Media Networking

Remember those pesky, annoying relatives who show up uninvited, ruin the party, and will not take the hint to leave? Well, that's what an intrusive social media marketing approach is like. You want to build relations, not pound into people's feeds with non-stop promotions. Engage with your audience and mix business with pleasure. Let’s take Baxter as an example again. I’m pretty sure if he could talk, he'd be amazing at networking. He wags his tail at every passerby, sniffs at every other dog, makes play-date appointments with some of his favourite furry friends, and essentially wins everybody over with his charm. Be like Baxter - Be active. Be social. And most importantly, be charming.

Know Your Audience: Insight and Data Analysis

Throwing your message into a wave of online traffic and hoping it reaches its destination, is like throwing a stick into a river for Baxter to fetch. It's wishful thinking and you'll probably end up with a wet dog and no stick. Digital marketing demands strategy, and a strategy is not born from air. It's sculpted out of relevant data and customer insights. In this digital era, information is power and it's available in abundance. Utilize web analytics tools to gather information about your audience. Their needs, preferences, behaviour can be studied and evaluated so you can cater to them better. Trust me, when I tell Baxter it's time for a vet visit, he magically transforms into a moody teenager. I know I'd have better luck if I tweak my approach, get him excited for a car ride instead. It's called understanding your audience, my friends!

In the grand scheme of online branding and marketing, these are some of the Do's and Don'ts that could prove vital for your digital venture. Just as Baxter and I venture into the gloriously sunny parks of beautiful Perth, getting tangled in his leash, chasing birds, and tripping over his delightfully inconvenient stick-tossing sessions, we know we have to follow some rules. Likewise, in our virtual parks and digital escapades, we do what we must. We learn. We adapt. And most importantly, we enjoy the journey.